Привод рисовой жатки

March 19, 2020

Rice Harvester Drive is special combine harvester drive, SHENWEI Belt often fit for WORLD, ZOOMLION, LUCKY STAR, KUBOTA, YAMMAR and etc.


The WORLD combine harvester belt:

SB: SB46, SB1860, SB1949, SB2250, SB2430, SB2745, SB2790, SB2985, SB2995, SB3055, SB3056, SB3170, SB3360, 4SB1490, etc;

SC: SC1465, SC1725, SC2100, etc;

9J: 9J-3-2190, 9J-4-1510, 9J-4-1580, 9J-4-1690, 9J-5-1370, 9J-5-1455, 9J-5-1467, 9J-5-1500, 9J-5-1605, 9J-5-1700, 9J-5-1840, etc;

HB: HB813, HB889, HB1530, HB1890, HB1900, HB1995, HB2065, HB2110, HB2400, HB2520, HB3020, HB3350, 2HB2400, 2HB2628, 3HB1830, 3HB1850, 4HB1490, 4HB1495, 4HB1850, 4HB1915, 4HB1930, etc;

HC: HC1473, HC1820, HC1825, HC3280, etc;

C: C1770, C1820, C1830, C1840, C1850, C1885, C2180, C2286, C2311, C2362, C2388, C2438, C2445, C2515, C2890, C3048, etc.


The ZOOMLION combine harvester belt:

SB: SB46, 2SB1409, 2SB3160, etc;

SC: SC50, SC2390, SC2740, SC3350, 2SC2065, etc;

9J: 9J-4-1420, 9J-4-1470, 9J-4-1490, 9J-5-1330, 9J-5-1350, etc;

HB: HB1448, HB1850, HB2311, HB2337, HB2770, HB3270, HB3670, 4HB1850, etc;

HC: HC1788, etc;

C: C1727, C1778, C1793, C1800, C2438, C2565, etc.


The LUCKY STAR combine harvester belt:

9J: 9J-4-1415, 9J-4-1419, 9J-4-1420, 9J-4-1470, 9J-4-1854, 9J-5-1330, 9J-5-1430, 9J-7-1355, etc;

HB: HB1448, HB1600, HB2311, HB2337, HB3124, HB3353, HB3505, 2HB2337, etc;

HC: HC1778, HC2032, HC2057, HC2261, HC2362, HC2972, etc.


The KUBOTA combine harvester belt:

SB: SB46, SB50, SB54, SB57, SB58, SB59, SB60.5, SB66, SB67, SB70, SB82, SB87, SB101, SB104, SB107, SB130, etc;

SC: SC45, SC52, SC54, SC56, SC59, SC63, SC70, SC72, SC78, SC79, SC100, SC105, SC111, SC54, SC70, SC96, SC100, SC112, etc.


The YAMMAR combine harvester belt:

SB: SB46, SB54, SB57, SB58, SB59, SB60, SB64, SB86, etc;

SC: SC55, SC105, SC109, SC111, etc.