Banded BeltBanded BeltBanded Belt
Banded BeltBanded BeltBanded Belt

Banded Belt

Banded Belt fit for machinery which require high power transmission and superior length stability.
Available Types: HA, HB, HC, 3V, 5V, 8V, SPB, SPC
Standard: ISO 5290, ISO 5291, BS 3790
Available Grades: Normal, -K (Kevlar)
Other Names: Power bands, Banded V-Belt, Wrapped Banded Belt

Cross-Sectional Sizes:

Section Top Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Angle(Degree)
HA 13.0 10.0 40
HB 17.0 13.0 40
HC 22.0 16.0 40
3V 9.70 10.0 40
5V 15.8 16.0 40
8V 25.4 25.0 40
SPB 17.0 16.0 40
SPC 22.0 20.0 40



  • No elongation, Anti-oil and heat resistant
  • Less number of belts required as compared to multiple single-belt drive
  • High adhesion strength between tie band and the belts
  • Eliminate the chance of a mismatch in the length, as observed in multiple single-belt drive
  • Temperature range: -18ºC to +98ºC
  • Produced by special drum-vulcanizing machine


  • Agricultural drives, such as combine harvester, green feed machine, straw baler etc.


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