Multi-Ribbed BeltMulti-Ribbed BeltMulti-Ribbed Belt
Multi-Ribbed BeltMulti-Ribbed BeltMulti-Ribbed Belt

Multi-Ribbed Belt

SHENWEI Multi-Ribbed Belt are specially designed for engine drives.
Available Types: PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM
Standard: ISO 9981 / RMA IP-26
Available Grades: Normal, -K (Kevlar)
Other Names: Multiple V-ribbed Belt, Automotive Belt

Cross-Sectional Sizes:

Section Thickness(mm) Rib Pitch(mm) Number of ribs(N)
PH 2.9 1.60 3-54
PJ 3.8 2.34 3-36
PK 6.0 3.56 3-23
PL 10.0 4.70 3-16
PM 17.0 9.40 3-8



  • Oil resistant & antistatic
  • High power transmission capacity
  • Temperature range: -25℃ to +100 ℃
  • Maximum belt linear speed up to 50m/s
  • Highly flexible, noise free & smooth running
  • Can be used for speed ratios up to 1:30
  • ATEX certified FRAS Belts are also available


  • Compact drives with high speed ratios, drives requiring minimum maintenance, drive in a noise sensitive environment, for serpentine drives and drives with reverse bend idlers like household appliances, work tools, machine tools etc.


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