Raw Edge V-BeltRaw Edge V-BeltRaw Edge V-Belt
Raw Edge V-BeltRaw Edge V-BeltRaw Edge V-Belt

Raw Edge V-Belt

SHENWEI Raw Edge V-Belt is specially designed for automotive drives.
Available Types: AV10, AV13, AV17, AV22
Standard: ISO 4184 / BS 3790
Available Grades: Normal
Other Names: Raw Edge V-belt

Cross-Sectional Sizes:

Section Top Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Angle(Degree)
AV10/ZX 10.0 6.0 40
AV13/AX 13.0 8.0 40
AV17/BX 17.0 11.0 40
AV22/CX 22.0 14.0 40



  • Large intensity,high flexibility,good durability
  • Special Bottom rubber used,small elongation and long service life
  • Excellent heat-resistance,oil-proof,and wearing resistance
  • High transmission efficiency
  • Suitable for band pulley with minor diameter
  • Safe performance can be guaranteed even during high-speed operation


  • General industrial and engineering drives.


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